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Eddyline Carbonlite 2000


New Member
Jun 8, 2023
North Bend, OR
My Merlin XT has thousands of micro-cracks visible on the exterior of the hull.

Take a look at the attached picture.
Is this a safety hazard?
Any suggestions?
Would a new gelcoat strengthen the hull?
I would be in touch with Eddyline. Carbonlite is ABS so I'm pretty sure there is no gelcoat (or maybe you meant ADDING a gelcoat?) but it is subject to UV degradation unless a UV protecting layer is added (like Delta uses).
pretty sure carbonlite is a two layer product so hopefully the crazing shown in your picture is only in the outside layer. I'd definitely talk to eddyline customer service. Gelcoat wouldnt add much strength, its the "pretty" part of a composite structure. Its just there to cover the structural resin and glass/kevlar that gives strength. Repairs to abs boats are done with a two part adhesive (Devcon? not sure exact name) or g flex epoxy might work.
Just curious what year the boat is and if it was stored covered up or not? When you get a response from Eddyline please share it here if you don't mind.
My paddling partner has an EddieLine FathomLV in Carbonlite 2000. It's about 13 years old and looks mostly new. It is always stored inside (the garage) when not on an adventure. After returning home from an outing, it gets a thorough cleaning. 303 protector is applied at least twice a year; once at the beginning of the season and once at the end. There are scratches on the bottom from landing on Washington "beaches", but no material breakdown.