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Discussion in 'Paddling Photography' started by chodups, May 27, 2010.

  1. chodups

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    Nov 2, 2005
    Anyone ever use one of these? I recently received one of these as a gift. I had never heard of them before. There is a waterproof case made for them and since the cost was zero$$ I could justify buying one. I like some of the function but clearly, it's not what I was ever thinking of. Still, if it would work..................2 hours recording time before needing to download would be OK. Charging through a USB port should be OK. Not the unit to take on a trip but maybe a day paddle? I don't know.

    The waterproof case doesn't look like it has any means to screw into a camera mount and I think it only orients in one direction, still........it was free and maybe someone has some experience with one on the water?

  2. Greg

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    Apr 17, 2006
    I don't have the HD model but I've used my standard resolution one quite a bit. I really love how easy it is to upload the video onto a PC and the software needed is on the camera which loads onto your PC the first time you plug it into the USB on the PC. I've had other video cameras in the past and I've always found it very difficult to load videos onto a PC or burn them onto DVD's. Not with this Flip camera....easy peazy, at least on my PC it was and also it is very easy to edit and tie all of the separate videos together into one movie and then burn a DVD. Like I said I have the standard resolution model, but the video on it is better than my old mini-DVD camera I used before this one. I hook the Flip up to my 65" TV with the supplied RCA cord and it looks fantastic. I can't imagine how good the HD model must be.

    At first I thought 2 hours was kind of short for recording time, but after using it on a recent trip it seems like a huge amount of time. After my 3rd day on my trip and taking a short video clip every 1/2 hour or so I had only used about 30 minutes of storage and at the end of my 4 day trip I used a total of 45 minutes which left me 75 minutes left. 2 hours is a lot of time. The only negative I can say is if you do use up the 2 hours you have to either delete some video or down load it to a PC to save it. There is no removable card to save info on.

    I recently took mine on a 4 day kayking trip in Glen Canyon, AZ and used it in camp and on the water. Now the water was very smooth in the canyon so it was easy to keep dry. All I did was tether it to my deck bag and tuck it in the opening of the deck bag when not shooting and then just grab it and hit the record button to start filming. It was a lot easier than other cameras I've had in the past and at the low cost of them, it's worth taking the chance of getting it wet, since it doesn't cost an arm & a leg.

    I've seen those waterproof cases and they look like they would work pretty well. One review I saw though said the case blocks the microphone somewhat and the audio gets muffled, and a couple of reviews said they leaked and others said it works fantastic at waterproofing....but you know how reviews are, from one extreme to the other. I'm thinking of upgrading to the HD model and getting the waterproof case for a trip I'm doing in September and give the old flip camera to my wife. Actually I should say give it back to her...I took it away from her to use and I haven't given it back yet :oops:

    I highly reccomend these cameras for ease of use, size factor, cost and with the waterproof case it would be great for kayaking or snorkeling.
  3. GWarner

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    Jul 1, 2007
    I have the HD model and the water proof case. If you epoxy a nut to the bottom of the case you can then mount it to a Ram suction cup and stick it to your kayak deck and start filming. Make sure you tether it as well. I've shot lots of videos in the Baynes Channel tide race in Victoria . It's always worked fine. It's been rolled over, knocked with my paddle during a hurried emergency brace without any problems. I'd recommend the camera. I wish it had a zoom. I tried to take some video last week from the reef just off the shore at Baynes but what I was attempting was beyond the cameras capabilities. Just keep your aspirations in check (I'm no movie director) and have fun with it.
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    Jun 6, 2010
    west kootenays
    Does anyone know if they sync better with Macs than they use to be??