FS: Werner Paddles, Kokatat Knapster, Snapdragon Spraydeck, etc.

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    Dec 3, 2017
    Due to a recently diagnosed health issue, I am forced to liquidate my paddling equipment, all of which is high end, and some hardly used. Before I had to hang it up, I was paddling at a high level, guiding, instructing, and extended tripping. All equipment was well maintained and in excellent working order.

    I am located on the East Coast, which makes things a little bit of a challenge (particularly boat) but am willing to negotiate regarding shipping. Also would entertain trades of equal value for high end fly fishing equipment.

    I’ll list the items I have, and a picture if available, and if you have any more questions or would like to see more detail. I apologize in advance if formatting is a mess, posting this on mobile device. I am best reached through email- peterbroderick@gmail.com
    1. Werner Ikelos 210cm small Shaft Paddle. Moderate use but still good condition. $250
    2. Snapdragon EXP Spraydeck. Medium deck, Medium Tube. $75
    3. Werner Shuna 205cm Small shaft paddle. Used once. Same shaft material as cyprus/Ikelos (Carbon Fiber). $200
    4. Maelstrom Vaag 174 (Boreal Designs Made) with installed keep strip. $2200
    5. Kokatat Knapster (at least that’s what I think it’s called) Black, size small, goretex paclite. Brand new never worn. $7 5

    Not pictured is North Water paddle bag $35

    47C1181F-E374-4832-8DF8-142F2A4EBFE1.jpeg B1FE5295-0DE5-426C-B89A-0EB42AFE90F9.jpeg A28C7941-0FE1-480B-BA54-CAFC4148629E.jpeg A1B04493-E65D-41F8-952D-9CBA4F34D685.jpeg 71626AB6-AA40-489A-A873-111B161B44B8.jpeg
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    Jul 2, 2009
    Those Vaags were cool boats and probably one of the most under appreciated of that type made in North America.