Hi. I have kayaks for sale but you have to be worthy for me to tell you what they are.

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  1. pointbob

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    Jul 16, 2014
    Point Bob
    Saw this ad on craigs .


    I've never seen anything like it. No mention of the kayak models or names.


    Just a "are you worthy" vibe. Some people.

    It's a kayak not a child adoption lol.

    "Selling our two beloved kayaks.

    Built locally in 2013 & 2014.

    Both kayaks are in excellent working condition meaning that although they may have scratches on them, have been repainted, & have had their cords replaced--all necessary maintenance a quality kayak needs to last a lifetime--both kayaks still perform optimally in rough, open waters. Perfect kayaks for going on day trips and/or overnight excursions.

    I will only respond to serious inquiries based on:

    1) Your knowledge about what you are looking for in a kayak.

    2) Your experience level.

    If you reply describing your knowledge and experience, then I will forward you pictures and details.

    You must SEE and SIT in the kayaks before you make any offer. I'm seeking serious buyers only.

    Note: If you can validate why you think my kayaks are worth your offer, will I only then consider letting it go below their appraised values.

    Thank you.

  2. JohnAbercrombie

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    Dec 7, 2011
    Victoria, BC
    Really eye-rolling quality ads!! :)
    If they were built in 13/14 and have been repainted, they are probably homebuilt?
    Many of us builders have 'inflated' ideas about the wonderful-ness of our projects, which generally don't survive an outing into the capitalist marketplace! :)

    I have to go and write up my kayaking CV and submit it for consideration!! :)
  3. mick_allen

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    May 15, 2005
    I think that it's usually a few first-time builders that have that really high inflated value notion. They haven't seen other builder's boats and skills to make relative assessments of what they have done. And a painted first-time builder boat means really stepping lightly. [And of course there's the odd narcissist around who thinks everything they do is great.] I've also seen a few first time builder's boats that were just simply amazing. Aircraft builders have good initial comprehension of the way to proceed: craftsmanship, strength, but light and just what's appropriate for the function.

    [Reference that 2 yr old originally $1500 kayak from Barriere that is still up for sale [but now only at $1225!!!!. It's painted too!]