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  1. NoldiS

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    Nov 22, 2016
    Hello paddlers,
    Nearly all my preparations are done. I will come to Vancouver airport the 26. 06. In the evening and have no idea with the transport of my kayak. Perhaps I can start from the Fort camping in the north of Vancouver. But there is no change jet to go there. :(
    So I am asking for ideas or helping hands.
    Thank you for an answer, Arnold.
  2. Gary Jacek

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    Dec 11, 2009
    Victoria, BC
    Hi Arnold

    The inside passage is an ambitious goal. I have some very fast/strong paddling friends who completed this 3 month journey.
    There are long stretches of coastline with few opportunities for re-supply.

    I suspect there are many on this site who have worries for your safety. Sadly, I have met paddlers who are completely out of their depth and have no idea this is true. Who knows...I could fall into that category too. :D Do not take this as an insult. Every year we see paddlers die on the BC coast and we regret every needless loss of life. We are looking out for your safety.

    What make/model of kayak are you hoping to transport from YVR Vancouver Airport to your accommodation and/or launch location?

    If you have a folding kayak such as a Folbot or Feathercraft, then you should be able to use a taxi cab, Skytrain light rail transport or city bus.
    If your kayak is composite one piece or rotomolded one piece then you need a car with roof racks.

    Do you also have all your own essential gear (charts, GPS, tarps, tent, stove, backup stove, drybags, sleeping bag, mattress pad, bear barrels, food, water purification...) to be self-sustaining as you travel the coastline?

    Your answers will assure us that you are prepared and tell us what kayak you hope to transport. Knowing this, perhaps one of us will step up to assist you to reach a good place to launch for your trip, or recommend alternative paddling opportunities that you may find equally enjoyable.