ISO Kayak Trailer


Nov 24, 2007
Nanaimo, BC
We are looking for a trailer capable of carrying 4 kayaks. The ideal trailer would have elevated racks to avoid accidental contact from following vehicles and some sort of dry storage container. Either one set of crossbars we could throw some saddles or J-racks on or a double tier style arm set-up. Not interested in the Yakima style lightweight trailers.
Feel free to let us know of anything close. Thanks for the help.
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Western Canoe and Kayak sells trailers. Nothing with a lock box, but it would be pretty straightforward to mount one after the fact.

Hi Doug,
Not sure if you have seen this trailer yet. It is on Facebook Marketplace in Nanaimo.
I had trouble linking the ad to the post, so if the link does not work, or you do not do Facebook, I would be glad to relay your contact info to the seller.
Hi WaterSpider, too funny cause that was the ad that started our search. I went and looked at it yesterday and it is a well built trailer but I'm just concerned about the height of the boats. I have a real phobia about someone rear ending us and taking out the boats. The trailer is solid and could be modified to work but I don't want to invest the time and money into that yet.

CPS, thanks for the link. The 4 Spot looks good but I've got the same concern about the height of the kayaks. I might have to get over this phobia or be prepared to modify an existing trailer to get what I want.

I'll keep looking for a bit to see what is out there. Thanks for the help.

The top rack of the 4 spot is probably high enough to send sterns through most windshields, so at least you'd get revenge quickly.

I think the fear is probably a bit irrational. My car is low enough that a lifted truck could take out a kayak.
Hey Doug,
I've got the trailer that you are looking for although it is located in Anacortes WA.
Not sure on the process for bringing it across the border but maybe it is simple? Just thought I'd let you know...
Thanks Red,
I'll be checking into the process tomorrow to get it across the line cause it looks to be exactly what I'm looking for.
I'll contact you once I have more info.