Jellyfish first aid

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    While floating about a little distance offshore, tippytoe depth, a jellyfish deemed it necessary to lay a big sting near my arm pit. I hurried to shore swishing my arm/body around.

    I told my swim partner she was NOT to pee on me.

    I took a freshwater shower, then googled sting treatment. It seemed my freshwater shower was about the worst thing I could do as a first step.

    Then I realized it wasn’t my first Step. My first step was to wash the jellyfish cooties off with seawater as I came back to shore; which was recommended.

    So my second step of a shower wasn’t so bad. And I put some cortisone cream (that I always carry when traveling) on the rash/blistering. The redness was almost gone by morning.

    But many google sources recommended applying white vinegar. I saw small bottles of it in the store and wondered about adding a solution to my kayaking first aid supplies.

    Anyone out there carry specific first aid for jellyfish encounters?
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    I used to carry some single use packages of malt vinigar I "liberated" from a fish and chip shop in my first aid kit for jelly and other stings. Haven't seen those in a while though.