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Jervis Inlet: info, camping, tides?


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Apr 20, 2017
A friend and I are exploring the possibility of doing some kayak camping in the upper Jervis Inlet, probably in May. We're US-based and neither of us have kayak camped in this area. (I haven't camped in Canada at all.)

So I'm hoping for some general or specific camping guidelines, resources on tides and currents and weather (anything better than Malibu Rapids are Point Atkinson +35 minutes low / 25 minutes high?), hazards, etc. Or any other special insights. First-hand knowledge/advice is great, but maybe there's some BC web site with "here's where dispersed camping is allowed" and I just haven't found it.

I saw that there are a couple of formal campgrounds inside Princess Louisa Inlet, but we wouldn't be able to reach there in a day of paddling from Egmont, not to mention having to time our arrival at Malibu Rapids, so we would need to camp on the way up and back. There are some older resources (like The Wild Coast 3) which show a number of camping spots in the upper Jervis, but the BC Marine Trails map doesn't show any other campsites north of Egmont Point. (The online BC recreation sites map doesn't show any in this area, other than marking the boundaries of Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park.) I know the BCMT has more recently removed a lot of campsites from their map due to First Nations concerns, and I don't want to show up at a campsite listed in an old book if we're not actually supposed to be there.

Weather info is also a concern given the trip duration and lack of access to weather on the VHF there. Anyone know if the Malibu Club is amenable to kayakers dropping in and asking for a forecast? (Would be happy to pay.)


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These visuals will give approximate site locations. All the information for them was/is available from public sources like books, maps, parks etc. I would guess that I’m responsible for finding most and confirming all of what is shown. I also have visited [and so have info and photos of] most.

Although I have now resigned from the trails executive, I was responsible for finding valid sites on the lower coast and islands of which Jervis is a subset. I left because I think it’s important that easily accessible sites on existing usable land are readily available to attract a more sedentary public, encourage more youthful participants and minimize transportation concerns - ie these sites can be directly paddled from Vancouver, etc.

Sites on FN land are labelled ‘IR’ and are shown to know what to avoid or for emergency, however you may be able to obtain your own permission. One can understand the tenuous situation the BC marine trails is in: having no power and having to walk the tightrope between government and all other uncertain and varying political concerns.

Anyway because of that uncertainty even here, I’m holding off on giving complete gps/kml files – and although Philip and I have talked in general, we need to talk more on this to see where we feel comfortable – but if you want a small subset DM me. I’ve done the same for another Andrew in the recent past.


Upper Mid


Lower Mid:



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This is very helpful. I may indeed end up messaging you about some specific spots later, but if I do please know that I don't wish to put you to much bother. Thanks, Mick!