John Dowd: The "Father" of Sea Kayaking?

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    Went searching on John Dowd, and found this short piece from 2014. He makes a case for being the originator of the label "sea kayaking," and in cheeky John Dowd fashion, also claims to be the first to view this form of recreation as an industry. In person, he is jocular, and hardly takes himself as seriously as this piece paints him

    I expect many from the UK would disagree with John's claims, but there they are. Have fun.
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    Derek Hutchinson would have had something to say about that! I've been told that we have to add others (NZ, AUS ?) to the list of those who invented 'everything'.. :)

    In 1968 I was told by a colleague in India that the Vedas clearly indicated that nuclear weapons were being used in the battles in ancient times......

    And in the 50s the Soviets claimed they had invented everything, including the 'right approach' to genetics...

    Everything is new again....

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    This reminds me of this joke:

    An Englishman and an American are in a hotel and about to head up to a conference.

    The American says 'Shall we take the stairs or the elevator?'

    The Englishman replies, 'It's called a lift.'

    The American snaps, 'It's an elevator.'

    The Englishman sniffs, 'It's a lift.'

    'Listen Buddy, we invented the damn thing. It's an elevator.'

    'And we invented the language. It's a lift.'
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    I agree: it's just a name and they both were a big part of popularizing the practice.

    But the notion of heading out to see what's there is probably older than man.
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