July 2008 Computer Wallpaper Images

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    This month's wallpaper image was taken on a windy but clear Wednesday evening in June, as the tallships congregated in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, a few miles outside Esquimalt Harbour. The captains would meet over dinner that evening and sail into Victoria Harbour the next day for the annual Victoria Tallships Festival.

    As we paddled out we could see other ships arriving, and noticed against the dark backdrop of land a number of anchored tallships in the distance closer to shore. But one ship really stood out against the backdrop of the Olympic mountains: the US Coast Guard 'Eagle'.


    The image has been prepared in the usual sizes and formats, with or without a calendar overlay. Each image can be downloaded from our Wallpaper section.

    For those with wide-screen monitors, you may choose to download a wide-screen version in 1280x800 resolution by following one of the links below:

    1280x800 Widescreen with calendar

    1280x800 Widescreen without calendar