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Kachess Lake, WA - Remote Cascade Mountain Lake Kayak / Camping - June 24/25, 2022

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
Catching up on video for another great kayak / camping trip from the summer. In this one we did kayak camping at Kachess Lake in the Cascade Mountains just east of Seattle. We paddled from the launch at the north end of the Kachess Campground, north to the head of the lake, and the inflow of the Kachess River. We camped right near the river mouth, and visited the nearby waterfall. Video in 4K UHD with spectacular aerials. Perfect weather in late June with blue skies, mild temperatures, light winds, and full lake level. First time we ever saw loons. Beautiful dancing in the morning sunlight with their haunting calls. Great for all levels of kayakers. Guided tours available, also for overnight. Also good for SUP and canoeing. Just check winds and lake levels. Video: Spectacular Remote Cascade Mountain Lake Kayak Camping in 4K UHD with Beautiful Aerials
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