Kayak Bill Camps Question

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    Nov 2, 2005
    I'm leaving for the Central Coast in 5 weeks. A couple of things I want to do is to find the remains of Bill's camp on Thistleton Island and another at the west end of Higgins Passage. I'm pretty sure I know where to look and what to look for now which wasn't the case before. I have 3rd hand info on the Higgins Passage camp but have never found anyone who had been to the Thistleton camp.

    Bill referred to the Thistleton camp as Camp II and it is less than 2nm NW of his Camp III or what Glenn's Guide calls A6 in Weeteeum Bay. The Higgins Passage camp should be about .7nm west of the sweet campsite on the west end of the Passage. I Paddled in there looking for it 10 years ago but I didn't get out of my boat. I was looking for a classic windbreak and now I don't think this camp had one that was visible from the shore if at all.

    Have you found either of these camps? Can you help me?