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Kayak Rack


Nov 24, 2007
Nanaimo, BC
After having moved into our place in Nanaimo a little over a year ago I figured it was time to build a proper kayak rack. I had built a quick rack to keep them in the storage locker between houses and it took up a lot of room and was pretty ugly and awkward. It had served its purpose but was time to go.

I wanted the new rack to be adjustable and take up just one wall so the boats could simply be lifted off support arms. I needed to keep the total height as low as possible since LAM is a little vertically challenged. This is the end result. The holes on the rack are drilled at 5" centers and the support arms are reversible and offset so I can actually make adjustments every 2 1/2". Worked out pretty good and LAM can reach her Tahe so she is pleased.






The previous owners were responsible for the artwork on the wall. Pretty appropriate.
Hi John,
I was going to glue on some closed cell foam but decided that was overkill. Just picked up some 1 1/2” foam with adhesive already on it from Lordco. The stuff you used to use under a canopy mount
Very nice! Mine definitely fits the "pretty ugly" description.

Yours looks much nicer, and with that wall it's quite nearly artistic.
Very nice, indeed! I’d love to build something similar. Right now my kayak is stored on a couple Suspenz heavy duty stands in the carport; I’d prefer to store it inside the walkout basement.

Great inspiration! :cool:
and was pretty ugly and awkward
Clearly you don't understand 'ugly'. My home made rack made from scrap lumber is so ugly that my camera refuses to operate when attempting to photograph the rack. But it's similar in spirit to your now-replaced free-standing rack. My garage shape and size are such that I must occasionally get at the hydronic heaters behind the only available space for the kayak rack. Hence I mounted wheels on the rack so I can roll it out of the way.

Further I have a fundamental misunderstanding of 'garage' because I do use it to store my auto in winter.
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