Kayaker missing off Nova Scotia

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    Apr 4, 2016
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    On July 9 a "kayaker" went missing off the Northeast coast of mainland Nova Scotia. The 32 year olds kayak (make and model not reported) was found two days later in Judique, Cape Breton, with a camera and PFD on board. It was reported that the man was not an experienced kayaker, could not swim, and preferred not to wear his PFD. He was also out alone and dressed in shorts ant t-shirt. The weather was good but water temperatures were probably around 12-13 degrees.

    The search for the man has been permanently called off after a number of days.

    Once again the media places a "bad seed" in the minds of non-kayakers regarding our water craft of choice. Unskilled, under prepared, and over confident is a bad combination when it comes to being on the ocean.