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    May 28, 2017
    Greetings all,

    Beginner Kayakers here, friend is ready to upgrade from store front beginner/recreational kayak to a "transitional" kayak. She does not feel ready or stable in a long touring kayak. She tried out the wilderness system Tsunami 135 and fell in love, she felt stable and safe in it. The store person explained it was because of the "chine" so before she pulls the trigger she is wondering if there are any other makes/models which paddle in similar feel or manner. Any thoughts or recommendations? This will be used for most part flat river and lakes. She has cart and now has small trailer so weight isn't so much of an issue
    Thanks in advance
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    Jun 8, 2017
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    My first post too :D

    One of my first kayaks was a Tsunami 145, I still have it and wouldn't dream of getting rid of it. With it's great primary stability I use it as a loaner for beginner friends or if I specifically want to go out photographing or fishing. So I don't think your friend can go to far wrong with the 135. I know of someone who paddled the entire Oregon coast in one so it's quite a capable boat (in the right hands.) In between it's stability, volume, and weight, it is not a particular nimble or "fun" boat so your friend might try a few others before making a decision.

    I do feel that the high seat back gets in the way of learning a proper forward stroke, let alone more advanced maneuvers. I replaced mine with a regular back band and that makes a huge difference.
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    I have the WS Tsunami 140. It's very stable (too stable for me sometimes LOL, as that makes it a bit of a barge, but it's very safe). Surprising amount of room for cargo, as well--I can pack for a 3-4 night trip easily.

    I replaced the seat back with a back band and that much improved comfort. It's a great boat for a beginner.