Lasqueti, South Texada, Jedediah

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    Dec 1, 2015
    Hi folks!

    Went out for 3 days last week to Lasqueti Island. Winds were strong in the morning, so it worked out well that I planned on taking the water taxi from French Creek to False Bay. $11.50 for me and $15 for the kayak each way. Got started out of False Bay around noon, and headed East on some rolling swells and by this time a thankfully much lighter tailwind.

    My goal for the first night was some cliffs on South Texada I had looked at many times and always thought it would be cool to camp on. I wasn't able to find very much info on if there was an actual trail, so I picked a beach to land on and started bushwhacking up to the top! Took me 1:20, and I found a great flat spot to set up the tent. Had some incredible views of the Sunshine Coast all the way back to Vancouver, Lasqueti, and Vancouver Island.

    Day 2 was a hike back down, and a short jaunt over to Jedediah for lunch and some exploring. From there it was West up Sabine Channel to some of the islands at the West end of Lasqueti. According to the guide book there's one island with a decent beach, but of course I didn't find it until the next morning. So instead I ended up on a small islet with a gorgeous view to the West!

    Had a nice relaxing start to Day 3, and in just over an hour I was back in False Bay. Had some time to explore on foot and have lunch before catching the last water taxi back to French Creek!



    5W3B9771.jpg 5W3B9789.jpg

    5W3B9813.jpg 5W3B9833-2.jpg

    5W3B9838-2.jpg 5W3B9857-2.jpg

    5W3B9895.jpg 5W3B9911-2.jpg

    5W3B9927 Panorama-4.jpg 5W3B9977.jpg
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    Great report, terrific photos!
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    Agreed - wonderful photos! I'm passing through that area this coming week, so it was nice to see it from your lofty perspective.