Looking for "Brian Loyd the Paddler"


Jul 12, 2020
Cultus Lake
Hi, Folks. When I was seeking sage wisdom for my upcoming Tofino to White Rock trip, "Brian Loyd the Paddler" offered the resources in the quote below. Now, I can't find Brian on this site so I'm putting this quote out there to try and take advantage of his offer. If anyone knows him or if he is indeed on this forum, I would like to get his intel. Thanks
His quote
From Brian Loyd the paddler:

Have paddled the trail in both June and September, and section in winter (the later not recommended). Long days in June help but had a couple of days of big surf and landing were more difficult as beaches often fore fronted by a lot of rocky shelf. Camping was more pristine. September is known for the post season camper detritus, but seas in early September can be extremely calm and allow for good exploration without the white knuckling. Lots of boomers, so keep a wary eye, especially sleepers in early fall. I have a detailed route commentary marked down on the old long, rectangular top maps the government use to produce; so, any specific questions let me know. Paddlers who have done August stayed off the water until the fog lifted but then in gets windy really fast. You need open water experience preferably out here. There is a lodge near Bamfield running trips by kayak down the coast now (at least they were last year) with boat support. I used to love pulling up to a beach, pulling out a dozen beer, chips, etc., that easily fit in a kayak with the poor hikers looking on jealously as they downed their freeze dried potatoes and drank their insipid tang...ah the good old days you know.