MEC Sweet Spots Video Contest

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    MEC has a contest going on that showcases videos from outdoor enthusiasts. It's broken down into different categories, and although there isn't one specific to sea kayaking, there is a 'watersports' category and there are some great little videos entered, that anyone can watch and vote on. The 'Watersports' videos can be seen here:

    Although you can't see the author's name listed, you might recognise some familiar faces from this site. Keep an eye out for DarrenM's 'Greenland Rolling with Dubside' and 'Sea Kayaking in the Okisollo Tidal Rapids'. I've submitted the first little video I created, called 'First Wind'.

    It's easy to vote for your favourite, and you can vote for as many videos as you like. I'm not posting this as a completely shameless plug to vote for either my or Darren's video(s) (well, maybe slightly shameless!) - there are some great videos there to watch! If any of our other visitors has a video up, feel free to post a link here (I'll cast my vote for any WCP visitor's video!).

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    Is THAT why you were smiling so much? :shock: Either that or you were having too much fun! :lol:
    Great videos all three.