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    Nigel Dennis, owner of NDK kayaks, builder of Romany, Explorer etc, and organiser of the ASSC symposium in Wales, has been hammered by a storm. Nigel is very supportive of the sea kayaking community internationally, I have benefitted from his generosity towards foreign instructors attending training and assessment. Some here may know him.



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    Details from UK Rivers Guide

    A little over two weeks ago whilst the so-called "Beast from the East" dominated the headlines, Storm Emma also took it's toll at the same time when it rampaged through Holyhead Harbour and totally destroyed the marina. More than 80 vessels were sunk in just a few hours, including the expedition vessel owned by Nigel Dennis that has he spent the last three years painstakingly restoring. He also lost his home (the yacht he has lived on for many years) in the same incident. It is a measure of the man that as coxswain of the Holyhead All-Weather Lifeboat, he worked alongside the rest of the RNLI crew to get the lifeboat safely out of it's doomed marina berth before trying to save his own vessels. Unfortunately this proved to be impossible and the only consolation is that no-one lost their life or was seriously injured. The next day, Nigel and a few other volunteers started salvage work while the authorities stood by and did nothing. This work is ongoing and is receiving no financial or logistic support. His boats are still on the bottom of the harbour as I write and he's homeless!

    As most people will know, Nigel has been incredibly supportive of sea kayaking in the UK and globally. His generosity knows no boundaries and he has helped many kayaking businesses get off the ground. In addition, he has sponsored individuals and groups with kayaks and equipment and has been the inspiration for many of us to pick up a paddle and try to be better. His sponsorship continues to this day and he has just agreed to provide three kayaks to a group planning to re-enact a crossing of the North Sea - all for charity.

    Most sea kayakers will have gained some benefit (directly or indirectly) from Nigel, either in they way they have learned skills or simply the ongoing development of sea kayaks into the sort of boats we paddle today. Many professionals and manufacturers started their paddlesports enterprises have been "understudies" with Nigel and his designs are legendary. He's beyond generous and I know of no-one more modest than him in the sea kayaking world.

    So I'd like to draw your attention to the appeal that has been launched by one of the many paddlers who have been lucky enough to be sponsored by Nigel. If you feel that you'd like to give something back to the man that has given the world-wide sea kayaking community then simply donate whatever you can. You don't need to be "on social media" (I'm not!) and I genuinely believe we should support the man in his hour of need.

    The appeal is at