Nootka Island info and advice wanted

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    Blondie and I planning a two-week trip to Nootka Island and the area, in the middle of August. Our (very tentative) plan is to put in somewhere near Galiano Bay, which I understand is about an hour and a half on gravel roads from Gold River. Is that a good place to put in? Are there other places that are better?

    Beyond that, I have very little info so far. We'll likely paddle down to Bligh Island and then poke our noses out to the west coast of Nootka Island, venturing out and up as conditions allow. I think our goal is to have a 'base camp' and do day paddles out - perhaps we'll change 'base camps' 2 or 3 times but this isn't going to be a 'pack up every morning' type of trip.

    So, we're looking for information regarding good places to put in (and parking for two weeks without having to worry about the car, but hopefully without having to spend downtown Vancouver parkade rates!), places to explore (we like sandy beaches and a bit of surf), recommended sources of fresh water, and other pertinent info from anyone who has explored this area before.
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    Near as I am aware the best place to launch is the Cougar Creek recreation site. Pay parking. Its a fishermans camp so not the best place to camp.

    The only other place is the Tuta marina at the end of the road.

    Its been awhile since I've been to South Nootka so things may have changed.

    One other alternative is to launch from the end of the road at Gold River. If you time the tides right Muchalat inlet is doable (according to references)
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    A couple years ago we did a trip there, launching from Tuta marina. I can't remember the reasoning for leaving from there but think it was closer to the outer shores than the other put in? Because it was April and they weren't officially open for business we didn't have to pay to camp in the rough campsite or to park. One of the operators was there doing a bit of construction work and said he would monitor the vhf and could come pick us up if a storm brewed up and we got weathered in.

    During the week we mostly stayed around Bligh isl. Spent a couple nights in Burdwood Bay, there was water there (small stream) at the north end of the beach. The beach is a bit small and if the weather were better we'd have left after one night. Also had a good camp up in the end of Ewin inlet. Theres a decent sized stream coming out of a nice stand of old growth cedars, a tiny (at high tide) grass covered beach, and huge oysters.

    The rest of the trip was amongst the islands in the Marine Park and the usual west coast experience.
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    If you have two weeks, you might be able to sample the Nuchatlitz area (launch from near Zeballos), and then shoot down to Nootka Sound, either the back way or on the outside. Probably more miles than you guys want to entertain, so it might be you'd want the Uchuck III to pick you up for a return to Zeballos.

    I can't say the inside route is super scenic, but there is something about wending your way behind Nootka Island I found fascinating. Back channel me a PM if you want some campsite recommendations.

    Zeballos is a trip. :D :?