North Broughton and beyond assistance

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    Mar 15, 2018
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    In July we are going back to the Broughtons and this time getting a water taxi to Sullivan Bay so we have more time to explore new areas like North Broughton Island and Grappler Sound. We'll then head down the west side of N. Broughton, weather permitting, to the Polkinghorns, along Nowell Channel and back into Fife Sound and more familiar territory. There will be four of us, all intermediate older paddlers, so we are planning a leisurely 12 miles a day (probably up to 16).
    I've ordered John Kimantas's new map of the area, but am also looking for suggestions for campsites, don't-miss routes and stops, and general suggestions from those who've paddled there as there does not seem to be much information out there.
    Thanks very much.
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