Notso Grassy Knoll


Sep 5, 2016
Nanaimo, BC
I have always enjoyed visiting Grassy Knoll when in the Nuchatlitz. The abundant white "daisies" the smell of wild onions, not to mention the view.
Sadly it seems to have changed for the worst.
The trail up was a nasty thrash through often head high shrubbery a lot of it very prickly roses that often obscured the ground making walking treacherous.
The view hasn't changed, it was just a lot harder to find a spot to enjoy it. There were very few daisies or onions.
Rather than come down the usual path we opted to scramble down the rocky side. Still very prickly and a bit sketchy but at least you could see ahead.
The bush-savvy chap I was with was hesitant to go up the path and afterwards said he would rather deal with Devil's club than those roses...
I'm sure it is just the natural progression of things but it was a cool spot. :(
Here is a nostalgic shot from Sep 2004.