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Old school house framing


Nov 24, 2007
Nanaimo, BC
Doing a reorg in the garage this weekend and thought some of you may get a laugh at this. Just came across a piece of wood I had saved from when I was doing renos on our old house. Taking out the bulkheads above the windows and found they were framed with clear 2x6 vertical grain cedar. Heaviest pieces of cedar I have ever come across. Times have changed eh?
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Yeah, I'm sure there's at least one GP hiding in there. I think I've got enough for a full GP, a storm and a bunch of norsaqs. I kicked myself because when I first took the sawzall to the framing I cut one of the 10 footers in two before I smelled it and realized what I had.
A project......that's actually the reason for the clean-up. We're going to build a couple of cedar strip paddleboards. Ordered a couple frame kits from Jarvis boards so hope to get going on those in the next couple of months.
I had the most beautiful CVG cedar 2x4x8 footer for years with the intent to carve a GP. It sat in storage untouched, and during my momentary lapse of sanity whilst I took a break from paddling, I finally gave it away to a neighbour who needed some scrap for a project since I figured I’d never get around to doing it anyway.

Less than a year later, I came to my senses and got back into paddling and now wish I still had it! :cry: