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Opportunity for input on potential water-access park/camping on Bowen Island

It's a tough call to get water access: As the park is car accessible that means lots of pressure and easy use by all - likely negating water access especially as that is by a difficult rocky shore. As well, the one area hilited would be the best for all users for some form of water interaction. Or a very exposed location to put a dock for dock access.
I think it is far better to put our hopes into Apodaca as it has minimal land access [private property surrounding] and a much much better landing spot, and materials are on site:

Difficult Cape situation - this is the shown water access location:
from the water:

closer view


I think on the landing:

It's quite bony and I think they'd spend millions putting in a pier, breakwater, or dock in this location.

and an earlier conversation here showing where a slightly better location is just 100m east - but as it is close to the boundary, probably not desired by the park:

where there is some form of beach:


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That's Apodaca Park on the SE side, not Cape Roger Curtis shown above. Apodaca is water access only [surrounded by private land] so much more secluded for our purposes.

Millions of cudos to Nick Heath who has mainly shepherded this project over the years - with the help of many SKABC [local Vancouver club] volunteers and support of the BCMarineTrails.