paddle daytrips for newbies?

Discussion in 'General Paddling Discussions' started by ruthk, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Wow. 8O

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    Jun 21, 2007
    good to see things back on track.

    another good place to paddle for beginners is the alouette river and the alouette river north. i think both of these are mentioned on this site in the paddling locations. i've had some nice times paddling in those rivers and they're pretty easy with nothing too strenuous and the paddle back is always nice because you get the current helping you out.
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    Apr 5, 2007

    My "layman" understanding is that there are two issues here. Genstar may legally own the lakebottom and any of the accesspoints to the lake, but there seems to be some dispute about their title to the water and its use. As I understand it, simply walking up and putting in off the side of the road is illegal, however if you had permission to put-in off of a private residence, I can not see why you would have any problems. the main concern, according to published articles in the local paper, and transcripts of city hall meetings, seems to be the prohibition of powered-watercraft (high-speed wakeboarding boats and the errosion the wakes cause) and the docks that allow these boats to operate.

    I guess the long and short would be: there are enough quality, public acess areas to use in this province, why stir up potential trouble by picking a clearly posted, private lake? If I paid big $$ to buy property on a private lake, I would definately take exception to the general public poaching on it, and would take action to protect my rights. As for Genstar and their beef with their customer's use and whether this use has been allowed over the past 25 years and only recently changed, well, that doesn't really apply unless you own property there.

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    Tsawassen - Tsatsu area......

    There's a neat area for a casual day-trip !!!!!!!

    There's area to launch alongside the road going to the Tsawassen Ferry Terminal.

    It makes for a pleasing cruise from there either out towards the Ferry Terminal or along the beach towards Point Roberts - there's always a few seals around there to keep one company :)
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    I concur. Alouette River is probably the most peaceful paddle I've ever had. I'm not sure what this year's water level might be, but I'd encourage any newbie to get out and try the "river" -- not much current when I was there.

    Buntzen Lake should also be added to any newbie's agenda.