Quadra Island Marine Trail Meeting

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    I just love the logic presented by Jim Abram in this article.

    Basically, he is saying that he's not keen on a marine trail in the Quadra Island area because the local tourism infrastructure is already overloaded, and attracting kayakers might create problems. Plus, of course, these kayakers will be staying on remote islands, so they won't be using the local tourism infrastructure and putting money into the pockets of local tourism operators.

    Sounds like somebody just really wanted to be a contrarian.
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    The initial response is an understandable position: I'm here in a paradise and if more people come here, that paradise will be diminished.

    Other than the inherent contradictions in his stand [annoying tourism vs tourism economy desired], the real flaw in the argument is that the overall seeming 'paradise' of fixed number of available or usable campsites is being rapidly diminished by all sorts of other much more powerful bodies everywhere along the coast. If people don't stand for their continued availability, their existence and most importantly of all, their access - will be reduced and regulated and reduced and reduced. This is happening all over right now - we've talked about it/shown it on this forum at times.

    And spreading them out and adding more will both reduce individual pressure, add more paddling through 'traffic' [less car usage], and still increase all manner of possibilities for all points of view. The amazing aspect of the enterprise is that it is mainly just a great big huge idea that is backed by a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers. No power, no clout, no agenda: just a notion of the possibility of Camelot.
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    Mick, you’re a diamond.