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San Juan Islands > Lopez Island > Spencer Spit to Frost and Flower Islands in 4K with Aerials 8 Sep 2022

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
Beautiful Spencer Spit on the northeast side of Lopez Island in the heart of the San Juan Islands. Our kayak day-trip started at the launch point on the south side of Spencer Spit, went out to Frost Island, and over to Flower Island. I hiked up Flower Island to take in the panoramic view of the San Juan Islands, and do an aerial recon of Leo Reef to the north. I returned paddling around the east side of Frost Island, and back to Spencer Spit. Video: How to Kayak Lopez Island - Beautiful Spencer Spit, Frost Island, Flower Island 4K with Aerials.

LI SS.png

This area has great options for all levels of paddlers, including kayak rentals for beginners and nice sheltered paddling around Spencer Spit. Intermediate to advanced paddlers can paddle around nearby islands including Frost and Flower Islands, and more advanced paddlers, and those wanting to camp overnight can paddle from Spencer Spit to James Island. This video is packed with lots of helpful tips on how best to kayak Lopez Island. Be sure to check out our other kayak adventures nearby at the south end of Lopez Island, and on Orcas Island. Videos linked below.

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