Spend a day away from the water and build your camera skills

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    Jun 4, 2006
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    Hi, everybody...

    I hope this isn't contrary to forum rules.

    The great thing about the WCP site is all the incredible photography posted by people. I can only hope to become as good with a camera as people like Dan, Mark, Rider, etc.

    There is a way to gain some new skills, though. (sales pitch starts now) :)

    The Abbotsford Photo Arts Club hosts one of the most popular weekend seminars in the lower Mainland. This year ,the seminar is being held on Saturday October 20th, and we have a packed 1-2 day agenda with many highly qualified seminar presenters such as:

    André Gallant is a professional photographer who specializes in travel photography and works throughout the world. His new book for Key Porter books Photographing People at Home and Around the World is now available in fine bookstores. He co-authored Photo Impressionism and the
    Subjective Image with Freeman Patterson, and together, they teach one-week photography workshops in their native New Brunswick. www.andregallant.com.

    Seminar topics include "Passion, patience and the art of Bird Photography"; "Photojournalism"; "The Enduring Landscape", and many others.

    Capacity for the seminar is ~500 people, and we have over 400 currently registered, so space is becoming limited.

    If you are interested, and want more information go to: http://www.apac.bc.ca/seminar/seminar.html

    Ian Mc.
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    Ian, no problem posting this information. It's nice to get a heads up about courses like this one. Thanks.