Summer Hikes to the beautiful Bedwell Valley

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    Note: These hikes are open to anyone as per following.



    Summer Hikes to the beautiful Bedwell Valley:

    Trip # 1 – Monday, July 30 to Thursday, August 2
    Trip #2 – Wednesday, August 29 – Saturday, September 1

    ... The Bedwell Trail has been officially closed by BC Parks for a number of years now, based on unsafe river crossings. Working under a volunteer agreement with BC Parks, we cleared a route from the “condemned” Living Bridge to Sam Craig Creek in 2010. Last year, working under another formal volunteer agreement, we cleared the old trail from Bedwell Lake down to the Ashwood River.

    In order to provide safe passage for hikers between those two disconnected trail ends, we flagged the route over the last remaining “hump” to provide continuous guidance from alpine to ocean. For reasons that make sense to them, we have been asked by BC Parks to remove the flagging over that section of the route. While that does not seem sensible to us, in the interest of maintaining a positive working relationship with BC Parks, we have agreed to do that.

    So, our first trip in will be a Flag Removal hike, following the beautiful route that we have established. We will be going in via water taxi from Tofino on Monday, July 30th and coming out the same way on Thursday, August 2nd.

    We will spend the first night near the Gayle McGee suspension bridge on the river …..a gorgeous camping spot. On day 2, we will carry our gear up to the gravel bar near Sam Craig Creek and set up there for the next two nights. On day 2 we will hike up the valley for a picnic to remove the flagging tape on “the hump”. Day 3 is a day for rest and relaxation on the river. We will hike all the way out and return home on Day 4. The pace for this trip will be leisurely. Hikers need to be in decent physical condition and able to carry all of their own supplies.

    The second trip will be a guided hike from alpine to ocean through the entire valley, beginning up at Bedwell Lake and descending to the sea. We will carpool to the Bedwell trailhead on Wednesday, August 29th and come out to Tofino on Saturday, September 1st. As the Bedwell Trail is officially closed, we will be following the route through the vallley that has been established by the Friends. Hikers need to be in good physical condition and able to carry all of their supplies.

    As the water taxi service is expensive, and there will be no work requested of participants, we are asking for a contribution of $ 50 per person to help defray expenses for each trip. We want to show the Bedwell in its summertime glory to as many people as possible.

    Please let us know as soon as possible if you can join us, and which trip (or both!) you prefer. If you have any questions at all, please contact me. There will be more detailed information available on logistics for the trips closer to the start dates. We look forward to hiking the wild west side of Strathcona with you!


    Kel Kelly
    ph: 250 337 8348
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    Where's the paddling part? Is this a popular paddling destination?
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    These particular hiking trips will use a water taxi.

    An amphibious trip by canoe or kayak is quite possible, and preferable as there is no moorage for larger craft available for longer than pick up and drop off. You can leave your kayak on the beach at the mouth of the slough where the resort keeps its kayaks. The resort has a license of occupation that does not preclude your landing on it.

    Allow two days from Tofino and note there is no suitable place to camp on crown land securely above high tide at the head of Bedwell Sound. Land is either private or Indian Reserve. You'd either have to paddle up river or unload the kayak and hike till you are off private land (about 1.6km).

    Its the only ocean to alpine hike on Vancouver Island.