TIPS (Traditional Inuit Paddlers of the SE)

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    Just got back from my second year at TIPS! It's a Qajaq USA event and it's so much fun!

    I pretty much only go to events that Dubside attends LOL (he's my spirit animal!) and he was there. I wanted to try to get my hand roll, and I DID -- in a borrowed boat. It was a Water Field 512, and I am IN LOVE with it. Wish I were rich. Sigh. It took me a little to get used to the timing (it's so quick to right itself) but once I did, I got the Norsaq OK and then managed to do the hand roll. The next day I couldn't even do the Norsaq in my own boat LOL b/c of the timing issues, so had to re-learn that (reminding myself to GO SLOWLY in my boat). And I was not able to get the hand roll in my Pilgrim Ex, but will work on that at the lake this summer.

    Also worked on the storm roll, which is just being really hard for me. Layback rolls I've got. It's all timing. But the storm roll wants more upper body strength, and while I feel pretty strong for most normal purposes, apparently I'm not strong enough for that. And mostly timing, Dubside says. Again--will work on that this summer.

    I always TRY the ropes, but I pretty much suck. I can 2 two ropes moves now. Which is pretty bad. But at least I try, right???

    We took a sunset/moonlight paddle, which was really fun.

    DSCN1829.JPG sunset_paddles.jpg

    Here I am (in the middle--wearing headlamp for later when it got dark) with Dubside (in front).

    Wish I had more pix of me! Was too busy rolling LOL. Next time!!
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