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Discussion in 'Paddling Safety' started by jamonte, Jan 31, 2019.

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    No, the criticism is completely fair. I'm pretty sure that happened before I had taken any classes or started to develop my own sense of safety awareness, so maybe I should be happy that at least I had enough sense to stop paddling!

    Dealing with risk-takers in a group is another huge topic for discussion and I've seen some crazy things happen on river trips. Often, it's a more advanced paddler (usually not the trip leader) and my basic attitude is that I'm not going to risk my life saving them if they get in trouble. Sure, I will certainly do what I can do to rescue them while maintaining my own safety, but I don't feel responsible for them the way I would feel if I was leading a novice who was depending on me to look out for them.
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    John, sent you a PM.