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Trip reports forum - Guidelines

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Mar 8, 2005
"Home by the Sea" - Nanaimo, BC
Quite a few of you have asked us to add a 'Trip Report' section to our site, and we're listening. For the time being, this will be contained as a part of our forums - a separate section of the site devoted entirely to trip reports is in development stages.

We'd like to encourage our readers to start a new thread detailing their adventures, where others can ask questions about the locations etc. Feel free to add your favourite photos! Please use the 'Upload Picture' feature when-ever possible, so that the images will remain on this site. That way we can avoid 'dead links' if and when images hosted on other sites are deleted.

Please include a descriptive name of the location in your Subject line. This will ensure that others can easily find trips of interest to them.

We'll keep the "Where Did You Paddle?" threads going for those who don't have a long write-up or more than a couple of photos.

Not open for further replies.