Vancouver Island - Ladysmith - Burleith Arm, Bute Island, and Dunsmuir Islands - August 15th in 4K UHD

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
Highlights from kayak trip on the east side of Vancouver Island south of Nanaimo near Ladysmith from Transfer Beach around Burleith Arm, Bute Island, and the Dunsmuir Islands, with video in 4K UHD including highlights and timestamps below. See the full video on

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0:06 Location of Ladysmith in the Pacific Northwest
0:26 Transfer Beach in Ladysmith, BC, Canada
0:52 Sealegs Kayaking Adventures kayak rentals
0:57 Delta 17 foot sea kayak
1:22 Heading north up Ladysmith Harbor
1:49 Burleith Arm
2:10 Dunsmuir Islands
2:16 Eagle
2:33 Bute Island
2:41 Dunsmuir Island (north)
2:56 Paddling Around Bute Island
3:59 Dunsmuir Island (southeast)

Overall a great kayak trip. Best at high tide to get around Burleith Arm. Bute Island, and Dunsmuir Islands were the highlight. Kayak rentals at Sealegs Kayak Adventures ... I rented a new 17 ft Delta sea kayak which was great: light, stable, tracked well.