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Vancouver Island Paddlefest 05

Saturday afternoon saw me at this years Paddlefest in Ladysmith . It has grown since I last attended in 2000 . Just browsing the booths and meeting other paddlers was a pleasant way to spend a few hours

A bonus was meeting the editors of this BC made website Dan and Mark. Keep up the good work on this excellent resource for BC paddlers.

It was good to see two other skin boat owners Carey and Dan and talk about skin boats..... now just to get Mark to see the light of a 30lb custom fitted qajaq. :lol:
I'd love to build a skin-on-frame boat! But I'd like to gain a little experience first by building a 'kit' boat - most likely a Pygmy Actic Tern 14, after paddling a few Pygmies this weekend. After that, I'm sure I'll eventually build a skin boat!
As Mark and Redcedar both mention, the Paddlefest was a hoot. Lot's of boats and lots of people -- all with smiles on their faces. It was really nice bumping into Redcedar in the parking lot and being able to take a look at his very beautifully built skin-on-frame kayaks.

I'll definitely be returning for this event next year.

btw: if any of the Paddlefest organizers happen to be reading this thread -- I'd like to pass on a big thank you for the work that you do in making this such a great event.

Well i just couldn't resist mentioning how one can build a 30lb skin on frame kayak and for no more than $200-$300

Building any kayak is quite a commitment so going the kit route is smart. A friend built the Arctic Tern 14 , it is a really good boat and fairly light too.