Waterproof point and shoots - water repellent glass

Discussion in 'Paddling Photography' started by Comoxpaddler, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Aug 30, 2006
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    My Pentax Optio W30 has finally become too long in the tooth - fine scratches on the glass and the batteries are past it.

    What I loved about it was the water repellent glass. My newer Canon D10 is completely crap in this regard (and too big). Most photos take on the water are useless if the glass has been splashed or kept in a soft non-waterproof case in my PFD pocket for quick access. So the absence of water repellent glass is now a deal-breaker for me.

    The Olympus TG-830 and its more expensive brother the TG-2 both have water repellent coverings on the lens (unlike the TG-630).

    I like the look of them but the various reviews I have come across on the web (e.g www.dpreview.com, which did a comparison of waterproof point and shoots a couple of years ago) put the Panasonic Lumix cameras at the top of the pile. The current incarnation of the Pentax waterproof point and shoots does rather badly.

    The company's web info on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 (similar specs to the TG-2) does NOT specify whether or not there is any water repellent covering on the glass.

    Does anyone have any definitive info on the Panasonic in this regard? Or useful comments regarding water repellent characteristics of other cameras' glass?

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    Mar 22, 2011
    In a word, no.
    But I have the Lumix DMC-TS4 and it has no mention of any lens treatment in the manual.
    I do get droplets on the lens that I can't shake off easily. Normally I have to submerge it and give it a hard shake to be able to shoot again if in a hurry.
    Having said all that, I have no idea of what to compare it to, it seems pretty similar to gopros and the like with regard to droplets on the lens.
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    The only problem I've had with my D10 was when a fog forms from condensation on the outside of the lens (usually when it's laying..tied...on the spray deck in the sun but getting splashed...you'll see it in the LCD when lining up a photo). When that happens I just dunk it in the water and then shoot. I've never noticed 'water droplets' in any of the shots so maybe it does sheet off...? I will agree 100% that it's bulky though...(a real bug**r to put in the pocket of the PFD), but I originally bought it for snorkeling and wanted something that I could get a grip on that had decent sized buttons and use (if necessary) when wearing neoprene gloves AND, at the time, that didn't have those delicate little "leaves" that protect the lens (and bind up with dried salt crystals and/or sand).