WCP Spring Campout 2016

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    ...and so, only the hearty came, Dan with daughter Maddie (and her yummy brownies, that almost did not make it to Feast Night!) Elsa and Philip, me and maybe 1 or 2 Bandits. The weather was as usual, unsettled, rain, wind, sun and lots of laughter. Many were missed this year, a thinned out gang. Oh where have they all gone? Consolation, more brownies for me, as long as we kept them away from Munchie Bear Dan!
    So not too many pics of faces, as there were only a handful, literally. It does seem Portland Island is even in April starting to attract too many Yachties, as we had two couples camping out from a dingy from a larger craft unseen. The venue may be in need of a change next year? Time will tell....
    So, I am sure Dan will add in his myriad of great pics, but below are a few from my little waterproof unit.
    Dan, you're up!