WHERE DID YOU PADDLE? -- September 07

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by westcoastwill, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Greg

    Greg Paddler

    Apr 17, 2006
    Dan wrote:

    "Greg, thanks for posting photos from your paddle trips -- it's really cool to see where others paddle. I've been to San Diego several times before I got into kayaking -- next time I'm there I'll definitely do some paddling. Are any of the areas of San Diego Bay off limits? Do you do much paddling outside the bay?"

    Hi Dan,

    The only place you can't paddle in the bay is up close to the military boats and ships. You can't get close to any of them because they have floating barricades around the ships so you can't get much closer than about 50-100 yards, otherwise the bay is wide open to paddlers. In my photos you'll notice I got real close to the USS Midway, but that is because it has been taken out of service and converted into a museum so there are no security barricades around it.
    I haven't ventured out of the bay as of yet but my skills are getting better so I think I will try the open water soon. I need to practice my re-entries a little more before I will feel comfortable out of the bay. I've been kayaking since I built my Pygmy double about a year and a half ago and I purchased my Current Designs Sirocco about 4 months ago and I have been out in it quite a bit this summer. When I do finely get out of the bay I will snap some more photos and post them on the site.
    Thanks for putting such a great kayaking site together. I visit quite a few but this one is my favorite. I really enjoy the trip photos and the boat building posts and photos.