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    Jul 12, 2005
    A kind of a late introduction .
    I'm Dmitri, age 22, just got.....or maybe got back(parents took me kayaking when i was a little kid) into kayaking about a month and a half ago.
    Started off by getting an old recreational double, fixed it up some, me and the gf realized each like their own boat so i got a used Liquid Logic Saluda, and after paddling around i realized i like waves and want to go in the ocean, something both my current boats are USELESS for. I paddled a well-used Prijon Seayak that a guy had for sale(2 thumbs up for being very nice and letting me take it for a test paddle). In the end i thought about what i'd want to do at this point,went to MEC and ordered myself a new Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro TW sit-on-top. should get it later this week.
    Now all i need is a decent paddle, the Walden Coastal paddle i scored in near-new shape for 40$ has good power but is monstrously heavy, and the Aquabound AMT i got with the Saluda is nice but lacks acceleration power i want for any surf play or waves or wind. So i think the Nimbus WaveWalker should be right about perfect for me.
    I want to explore the Broken Group sometime, looks wicked in the pics.