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Indian Arm Trip Description
Total return trip distance: 54 km (from Barnet Marine Park to Indian River)
Minimum distance to Granite Falls campground (from Deep Cove): 17 km (one-way)

Coordinates (WGS 84):
N49 17.376 W122 55.267 - Barnet Marine Park - Put-in location
N49 17.941 W122 55.570 - Admiralty Point Beach
N49 18.729 W122 55.638 - Belcarra Park (Put-in Location)
N49 19.620 W122 56.895 - Deep Cove (Put-in Location)
N49 19.802 W122 54.972 - Jug Island Beach
N49 20.501 W122 54.205 - Racoon Island Beach
N49 20.908 W122 53.479 - Twin Islands (Campground)
N49 22.200 W122 52.406 - Buntzen 2 Generating Station (no land access)
N49 22.572 W122 53.396 - Thwaytes Landing
N49 24.460 W122 53.096 - Silver Falls (no land access)
N49 25.892 W122 52.408 - Berg's Landing (campsite)
N49 26.987 W122 51.690 - Granite Falls (campsite)
N49 27.691 W122 53.209 - Wigwam Inn (no public access)

- No. 3494 Vancouver Harbour Eastern Portion (1/10,000)

Canadian Topographic Maps:
92G07 (1/50,000)
92G (1/250,000)

Indian Arm is one of the Vancouver area's most popular destination for kayaking for good reason -- the sheltered fiord provides great scenery, a rich history, and lots of interesting geography to explore.

This album gives an overview of the entire Arm from the very bottom of the Arm at Barnet Marine Park all the way to the top of the Arm at the Indian River estuary.*

The most significant thing to be aware of is that there are not many places that you can get out of your kayak along the Arm -- most of the terrain is very steep and/or is owned privately (and shouldn't be accessed unless it's a real emergency). Plan your trip around the distances to and from stopping spots (these locations are marked on the map at the end of this album and by the coordinates listed above).

Barnet Marine Park has two beaches, one is gravel and one is sand. The gravel beach offers better access since it doesn't have the swimming breakwater.

At Belcarra Park, there is a sand and gravel beach located south of the crabbing dock. This beach is very suitable for launching from, although it's a bit of a walk at low tide due to the shallow bottom.

A gravel beach at Jug Island Beach makes a nice place to stop -- it's a pretty location that is perfect for a picnic lunch or just to stretch your legs.

The north end of Racoon Island has a shell and gravel beach (although at higher tides it's small and mostly rocky).

There is a nice sand/gravel beach at the smaller of Twin Islands, dock access is available at the larger of Twin Islands.

Getting in and out of your kayak at Thwaytes Landing can be intimidating for beginners as the entire landing area is comprised of rocks covered with barnacles. As the half-way point to the top of the Arm, it is well worth stopping here. There's also a nice little waterfall about 100 metres west of the beach area that's great for a soaking on a hot day.

At Berg's Landing there is a somewhat steep but nice beach along the south shore. A gently sloping gravel beach is located on the point (near the campground sign).

Kayak access at Granite Falls is quite good. There are a few large barnacle covered rocks at low tide but it's easy to get your kayak in and out of the water. There is a boat dock and a small gravel beach at the north side of Granite Falls. Note that the campsite at Granite Falls is located on the south side of the falls.

At the top of the Arm, there are a few places along the Indian River where you can exit your boat.

Put-in/parking locations

Note: there is no overnight parking available at Barnet Marine Park or Belcarra. Ovenight parking is only available in Deep Cove.

Barnet Marine Park:
From the Fraser Valley, take Hwy 1 across the Port Mann Bridge and take the Lougheed Hwy (Hwy 7) north. Follow Lougheed Hwy to Barnet Hwy (the large Coquitlam Mall is on this intersection -- note that Lougheed Hwy turns right (east) at this intersection). Follow Barnet Hwy through Port Moody where the road becomes Johns Street. After passing through Port Moody, turn right on Barnet Hwy and follow it around for approximately 6 km. Turn right at Barnet Marine Park road and follow it to the beach. You'll have to park in the parking lots that you passed on the road to the beach area.

From Vancouver, follow Hastings Street east to the very end. Hastings will turn into Barnet Road. Follow along Barnett Road for approximately 3 km. Turn left on Barnet Marine Park road and follow it to the beach. You'll have to park in the parking lots that you passed on the road to the beach area.

Belcarra Park:
From Barnet Hwy and Ioco Road in Port Moody, travel north along Ioco Road and turn left at the traffic light before the road starts up the steep hill (Heritiage Mountain Blvd.), you will be on the continuation of Ioco Road. Follow Ioco Road as it winds westward. At 1st Avenue, turn right and follow the road keeping to the left as it turns into Bedwell Bay Road. Continue along Bedwell Bay Road and follow the signs to the parking area of Belcarra Park.

Deep Cove:
From Hwy 1, just north of the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, take the Mount Seymour Parkway exit east and follow it for approximately 6 km and turn left on Deep Cove Road. Follow Deep Cove Road for 1.25 km and turn right on Gallant Avenue. Go down the hill through the main area of Deep Cove and turn right on Banbury Road. About a half block on the left is the driveway to the put-in area at Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak Centre. Parking is available on the street or in a couple of nearby public parking lots. Overnight parking is only available on the street.

* Upcoming Paddling Locations albums will represent specific day trips from Deep Cove and Belcarra Park.

Paddling Through History: Sea Kayak Vancouver and Victoria
by Aileen Stalker and Andrew Nolan

The Vancouver Paddler: Canoeing and Kayaking in Southwestern British Columbia
by Glen Stadham

Trip date: June 14 - 16, 2005
Weather: sunny, rain, windy
Water condition: calm to 2 foot wind waves

Submitted by: Dan Millsip
Images copyright: Dan Millsip

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