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Nicomekl River - Trip Description
Trip distance (return trip): 12 kilometres (7.5 miles)

Coordinates (WGS 84):
N49 03.719 W122 52.728 - Crescent Beach/Blackie Spit - Put-in location
N49 04.000 W122 50.443 - Elgin Park Boat Ramp (alternate put-in)

- No. 3463 Strait of Georgia Southern Portion (1/80,000)

Canadian Topographic Maps:
92G02 (1/50,000)
92G (1/250,000)

This is an easy paddle from Blackie Spit at Crescent Beach to the Elgin Road bridge. You'll most likely encounter power boat traffic along this river and because the river is quite narrow in a few spots you'll need to pay additional attention to boat wakes.

For the most part, the river depth will not be a problem for kayaks or canoes but near the Elgin Heritage Park and the Nico Wynd Golf Club, the shallow depths will be noticable and you may hit the bottom with your paddle. Stay to the main channel in these areas.

This portion of the Nicomekl river is subject to tidal changes although you should be able to paddle the river without much effort regardless of what the tide is doing. You'll notice that paddling is easier if you time your return trip to coincide with a falling tide.

Overall, this is an enjoyable paddle on slow moving water. Round trip is about 12 km.

Put-in/parking location:
From King George Highway, follow Crescent Road to Crescent Beach. After crossing the rail road tracks, turn on Sullivan Street and continue to McBride Avene where you turn right again and follow the road through to Blackie Spit where you can park near the beach.

Trip date: December 19, 2004
Weather: Sunny, cool, slight breeze
Water condition: Smooth
Tides/currents: Tide was falling during entire trip.

Submitted by: Dan Millsip
E-mail: Dan_Millsip@westcoastpaddler.com
Images copyright: Dan Millsip
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