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Lanezi Lake to Unna Lake
Distance travelled: 19.0 kilometers (12 miles)
Weather: sunny and warm

We awoke at 6:00 AM to glorious sunshine said goodbye to our campmates (they were on the water at 6:15 AM as they had a long distance to cover today since they had to be off the circuit in a couple of days). After taking our time with breakfast and packing gear in the boats, we were on the water shortly after nine o'clock.

At the end of Lanezi Lake there is a channel that leads to Sandy Lake. The current here is noticable but nothing like the current in the Caribou River leading to Lanezi Lake.

Sandy Lake is an absolutely delightful and picturesque location. You'll swear that you're in some tropical location instead of the wilderness of British Columbia. There are many large sandy beaches on Sandy Lake and some of the campsites are stunningly beautiful. While we didn't stay at any of the Sandy Lake campsites, we certainly would make a point of camping here if we come back again.

The Caribou River from Sandy Lake to Unna Lake is also running water, but again, it's not nearly as fast as the section leading into Lanezi Lake. Prepare for a gentle ride along the river -- but also be aware for deadheads and sweepers.

The section of river from Sandy Lake to Unna Lake is very enjoyable and is an easy paddle. You'll still need to keep a watch out for deadheads and sweepers but the slow moving river allows lots of time for maneuvering.

As you near Unna Lake you'll see a sign indicating the turnoff for Babcock Lake. A short distance after this turnoff is a small sign announcing the entrance to Unna Lake, which is marked by a small sign and a warning sign cautioning you not to proceed further down the Caribou River -- pay heed to this sign because 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) is the 24 meter high Caribou Falls.
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