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Unna Lake
Unna Lake is a fantasic place to relax for a couple of days. The lake is quite warm for swimming, there are lots of birds to watch. If you paddle across the lake, you can go on a short hike to the impressive Caribou Falls (we highly recommend this hike).

The main campground is along the length of the beach on the north end of the lake but there is also one campsite near the entrance to Unna Lake on the west shoreline.

At the northern most end of the lake there is a narrow and shallow passageway that leads to Rum Lake where a group campsite is located. It may be necessary to get out of your boat since the water in the passageway is only a few inches deep.

You may find that there are more travellers once you get to Unna Lake. This is because many people paddle only along the west side of the circuit for which Unna Lake is a popular destination.
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