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Unna Lake to Spectacle Lake
Distance travelled: 13 kilometers (8.0 miles)
Weather: Sunny and warm

The trip from Unna Lake to Spectacle Lakes is a bit of a milestone on the circuit as it marks the last of the portages. All of the portages along this section are short -- very short. In fact, the portage between Skoi and Spectacle Lakes is so short that you can literally see the end of the trail from the start of the trail.

Our day started out with a short paddle from Unna Lake to the portage trail to Babcock Lake. At one time, paddlers were required to line their canoes (pull the canoe with a rope) along the stream but environmental and conservation concerns put an end to the practice and now there is a 1.3 kilometer (.8 mile) portage trail.

Babcock Lake is approximately 3 kilometers (2 miles) long and again, is a very nice spot. We saw the biggest fish on Babcock Lake, unfortunately, since we don't fish, I can't tell you what kind of fish they were.

Another very short portage and you'll arrive at Skoi Lake which is really a big pond. We paddled across Skoi Lake in a matter of minutes.

The final portage of the circuit is between Skoi and Spectacle Lakes and is very, very short. It's so short in fact that it seems almost silly to have to attach the cart to the boat, but of course, the cart is still needed here.

We met up with a group of paddlers at the put-in at Spectacle Lakes and shared some fudge with them before continuing on our way.

A sandbar on Spectacle Lakes at about 2 kilometers from the put-in nearly divides the lake in two -- but a small channel just wide enough for a canoe or kayak on the west side of the sandbar allows you to pass without getting out of your boat.

There is a dog-leg in the middle of Spectacle Lakes where campgrounds are located -- this area is called Pat's Point and is a really nice spot to camp at. We ended up camping on the eastern most campsite, right on the point. In fact, one door on my tent opened to the south leg of Spectacle Lakes while the other door looked out on the north leg -- truly a nice spot.

There is a cooking shelter and a cabin at Pat's Point and probably the best swimming on the entire circuit is in the warm waters here. A group campsite (#46) is located across from Pat's Point and although we didn't see all the group campsites on the circuit, this one was particularly nice.
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