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Spectacle Lakes to the Bowron River
Distance travelled: 7.5 kilometers (4.7 miles)
Weather: Sunny and warm

This would be our shortest paddling day of the trip. We decided to paddle to one of the campsites in the vicinity of the Bowron River in order to get a head start on our final day. In hindsight, it wouldn't have been a difficult paddle from Pat's Point to the end, but staying a night at the end of Swan Lake allowed some time to explore part of the Bowron Slough.

The trip along Spectacle Lake was for the most part uneventful but we found the entrance and swampy area along the east channel along Pavich Island to be an excellent spot for seeing birds.

We paddled past a few campsites at the end of Swan Lake that we had chosen as a destination only to find them occupied so we continued on until we arrived at campsite #54, the last campsite on the route.

Just as we arrived at the campsite, a moose and her calf came up right behind us! They were about 20 feet away as they walked past us and continued on along the shallow river, barely taking any notice to our presence. We watched in amazement as they slowly rounded the next bend in the river. Quite a welcome to our last night on the circuit.

The one thing that we didn't like about this spot was the bugs. There were lots of mosquitos when we arrived and in the morning we experienced the discomfort that noseeums can bring (although, they did give us lots of incentive to get the boats packed and on the water quickly).
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