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Bowron River to Bowron Lake
Distance travelled: 10.6 kilometers (6.6 miles)
Weather: Showers and sunshine

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend getting in your boat and doing a bit of exploring around the entrance to the Bowron River. There are many nooks and crannies to explore in and around campsites #50 through 54.

We awoke on the last day of our journey to grey overcast skies and bugs. Lots of bugs. Noseeums, specifically. Because of the presence of these little biting flies, this was probably the fastest start to the day that we had on the entire trip. In truth, the bugs were pretty bad, but we've seen much worse. A bit of bug spray and they left us alone for the most part -- well, at least they didn't bite so much.

A light rain began to fall as we set off in the kayaks from the campsite making the paddle down the Bowron River seem even more peaceful than it already did. We silently followed the river as it meandered through the 3 kilometer long marshland at the south end of Bowron Lake.

The river is not very wide and in a couple of locations opens up to large open expanses of marshland to the east.

Follow the river to it's end and you'll find yourself at Bowron Lake. Bowron Lake is notorious for waves in the afternoon as the wind rushes through the mountainous terrain and across the water. On this morning however, we were treated with calm waters. And even the sun made an appearance before we paddled the length of the lake.

As you paddle across Bowron Lake, you'll notice a few buildings along the northern shoreline. Most noticable from a distance are the orange rooftops of the buildings at Becker's Lodge. There is a boat launch to the immediate east of Becker's. A little further east from there, is the Bowron Lake Lodge. Even further east, is the provincial campsite.

There was a bit of sadness as we crossed the last part of Bowron Lake and came to the end of our journey, but we were thrilled and filled with happiness that we had the opportunity to visit this very special part of the world.
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