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Indianpoint Lake to Isaac Lake
Distance travelled: 10 kilometers (6 miles)
Weather: sunny and warm

Today would be a short travel day so we had a late breakfast and relaxed around the campsite getting off to a leisurely start just before noon. The day began with a relatively short 1.3 kilometer (.8 mile) portage through a thick forest. The portage trail presented no problems and was a gradual uphill slope for most of the way before opening into a flat, low-treed area just before Isaac Lake.

Arriving at Isaac Lake 45 minutes later we were happy to be back in the boats and paddling again. We were in no hurry so when a large family group caught up to us at the Isaac Lake put-in, we decided to just hang out and enjoy the sunshine while the group loaded into their canoes and kayaks. A short while later, and we were on our way.

We stopped for lunch on a really nice beach at a small point located about 2.8 kilometers along on the south shore. While stopped, a group of 3 canoes passed by and then a short while later a solo canoist paddled by to say "hello". After lunch we decided to have a quick swim and as we were getting out of the water we saw a leech near the shore that was about 3 inches long. Fortunately, it wasn't attached to one of us!

There's no shortage of awe inspiring scenery once you get onto Isaac Lake -- and the water is so clear that you can see 30 - 40 feet to the bottom. As you round the point at the elbow of the lake you'll get your first glimpse of the enourmous size of the lake.

We stopped for the night at Wolverine Creek campsite #15. It's a lovely spot that affords a view down both arms of the lake. There is a cooking shelter and a ranger cabin nearby. We came across a blueberry patch while walking along the trail to the ranger cabin and picked about a cup of blueberries that we snacked on that evening.
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