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Isaac Lake (Wolverine Bay to The Chute)
Distance travelled: 32.8 kilometers (20.4 miles)
Weather: sunny and warm

Not only is Isaac Lake the largest lake on the circuit, but we found it to also be one of the nicest. You can easily see the bottom of the lake in 30-40 feet of water, and if you're really still and a bit lucky, you might spot the occasional fish swimming underneath. The water temperature in mid-August was quite suitable for swimming but be aware that although we didn't have any problems, we did see a few leeches.

For the most part, the paddle down Isaac Lake is mostly about watching the distant scenery get a little bigger as you get closer to it -- but it's spectacular and we didn't get bored of it at any time.

Our day started out with the intention of paddling as far as campsite #21a or #22 -- some 15 - 18 km away, but as we arrived at campsite #22 at 4:30 PM, the kids both said that they'd prefer to stay at the Chute for two nights, and besides, "it's only twelve kilometers away, Dad".

As expected, the last part of the days paddle to the Chute went slowly as we leisurely poked along checking out anything that appeared interesting. We arrived at the Chute at 8:15 PM, just before sunset having paddled a total of nearly 33 kilometers.

Weather conditions on this day were as near to perfect as anyone could hope for and allowed us to paddle the entire length of the lake at a leisurely pace -- but I've no doubt that the weather can get nasty on this lake in a heartbeat. It's a big, long lake where wind gets funnelled along it's length -- set realistic goals and if the weather turns bad, be prepared to head to the closest campsite and possibly spend the night there.

There are a couple of cabins along the lake at campsites #18 and #20 that can offer protection from rain and wind, or bugs if needed.
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