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Registration Centre to Indianpoint Lake
Distance travelled: 13.1 kilometers (8 miles)
Weather: Overcast with ocassional rain showers, warm

We arrived at the Registration Centre early so that we could weigh our gear before attending the orientation session. Everyone is required to register at the centre and let the parks people know what day you're planning to return. Upon your return, you are required to again visit the registration office to let them know that you are off of the circuit (this is an important step as searches will commence if you don't report in).

Our plan for the trip was to average roughly 15 km (9 miles) per day which would allow us to stay at two campsites for two nights each.

On our first day of travel we put two of the longer portages behind us. The portage trails are well maintained and make negotating the trail easy with a cart. A few parts of the trail were a bit wet and muddy but nothing serious enough to create a problem.

There was a bit of elevation gain on each portage but for the most part it was a gradual climb and then a gentle incline to the next lake. There are canoe posts (for leaning a portaged canoe against, instead of dropping it to the ground) located every couple of hundred metres or so along the trails, we found these to be good locations for stopping to take a short rest while still allowing anyone else coming from behind to easily pass by us.

Arriving at Kibbee Lake was a big moment as it was the beginning of our first actual paddling of the trip! We encountered a bit of rain on Indianpoint Lake but it didn't last for long.

We decided to stop for the day at Campsite #9 at the eastern most end of Indianpoint Lake which would put us at the beginning of a 1.6 km portage first thing the next morning.
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