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Boundary Pass


Separating South Pender and Saturna Islands from the American San Juan Islands, Boundary Passage offers a taste of everything the Gulf Islands has to offer.

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The Broken Group


With sheltered beaches, rugged coastline and amazing scenery at every turn, the Broken Group Islands offer something for everyone.

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Clayoquot Sound


With its rugged open stretches and surf-swept beaches, Clayoquot Sound beckons paddlers seeking adventure and a true West Coast camping experience.

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D'Arcy Island


This southern most destination in the Gulf Islands offers terrific paddling opportunities.

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Discovery Island


A popular and scenic destination for weekend paddlers out of the city of Victoria.

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Galiano / Valdes Islands


With sandy beaches and great camping spots, the south Valdes Island / North Galiano Island area is an easy paddle from the Ladysmith area on Vancouver Island.

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Prevost Island


Prevost Island campground makes a great destination if you've got paddlers meeting from both the mainland and Vancouver Island.

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Portland Island


Whether you're going paddling for a day or camping for a weekend, Portland Island makes a fantastic destination with a lot of choices.

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Sandy Island


A paddling destination near the city of Courtenay on Vancouver Island that offers some spectacular sights, regardless of weather.

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South Pender Island


Tucked away in a sheltered bay, Beaumont Campground makes a great base camp for a circumnavigation around the smaller of the Penders.

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Spring Gales in the Gulf Islands


Sometimes it's fun to get out and experience the power of nature - as long as you're prepared for it!

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Wallace Island


Quite possibly the best paddling destination in the Gulf Islands, Wallace seems tailored specifically for kayaks.

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