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 Anchored ship in Indian Arm


When is this site updated?

 We're putting together new stories as often as we can!

We try to get out paddling at every available opportunity. As we venture to new areas, we'll take photographs, write editorials, and update the site with new Paddling Locations stories. We will also do our best to document any accessories that we build or any modifications that we make to our boats and equipmment.

We all have regular jobs and other responsiblities that we must attend to -- sadly, we don't have the luxury of being able to paddle every day, although we would gladly welcome any opportunity to make this a full-time job. As such, we update the site whenever we can -- this means no schedules, no deadlines, and no pressure. When we get to it, we get to it. We like it this way.

We strive to produce good editorials with valuable and accurate information on this website and no page will be published before we're completely happy with it -- if it takes a little longer or more effort to get it right, then that's just the way it is. We know that if we're happy about it, you'll be happy too.

Having said this, we welcome your comments about this site and if you have suggestions or ideas about areas that we should cover, please let us know.

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